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Create a free Fax Cover Sheet in moments with our specialist document builder

Free fax cover sheet templates are readily on the market. Fax cover sheet templates are also available through programs like Microsoft Word. If you need assistance creating a fax cover letter, you should check samples of facsimile templates which are available online or on Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

With a fax cover sheet template will make the process of making your cover sheet much quicker.

If you are in a creative business, you might opt to spend more time designing and creating a fancy cover sheet to accompany your faxes. This summary can include what the record is all about, how many pages are in the facsimile document, and any other pertinent details. You may also include optional information like: if the record contains sensitive information, the urgency level of the attached materials, and any other significant info.

Fax Templates

43 ready-to-use fax cover sheet templates which you can download and print at no cost. Choose from company fax templates, casual fax cover sheet templates, and fax sheet templates for individual use.

Whether you are faxing from home or the workplace, you are sure to discover a fax cover sheet template that is best for you.

Download the Fax Cover Sheet Template that's intended to send along with a facsimile so that it is recognizable to the receiver or to anybody who would be delivering the facsimile to the receiver. This cover allows a place for you to leave messages highlighting data enclosed in the fax if necessary. This cover page also includes a statement of confidentiality that might be used for professional use also.

Number of pages -- enter the number of pages, including the fax sheet, so the receiver should expect to Get

If there's a message, then enter the message into the message area. If there isn't any message that needs to be transmitted on the cover, then leave the message block blank.

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